Lip Augmentation & Facial Aesthetics

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There are many individual reasons why people chose to do lip augmentations using fillers.  While some individuals are looking to restore lip volume that has been lost through the years, others are aiming to enhance their lip volume to maximize their aesthetic appeal.  During the consultation procedure, we like to use before and after pictures [...]

Introducing Latisse – Fuller Lashes Guaranteed!

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Latisse, the first approved treatment to get longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes is finally available here in Canada and can be purchased through RejuvaMD.  This new prescription that can only be attained through your cosmetic physician is easy to apply and can be incorporated without any reservations into your daily routine.  By applying Latisse at [...]

Treatment of Excessive Sweating and Hyperhidrosis

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Those of you suffer from excessive sweating, or otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, have obviously experienced the discomfort and agitation that can arise from this condition.  It can be very difficult for persons who experience the symptoms of excessive sweating to live normal and productive lives free of embarrassment or concern arising from day to day [...]

Botox to treat chronic migraine headaches

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now approved Botox injections to prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraine.  Chronic migraine is defined as having a history of migraine and experiencing a headache on most days of the month.  "Chronic migraine is one of the most disabling forms of headache," said Russell Katz, M.D., [...]