Botox: Dr. Rouzati’s Philosophy

Botox is one of the most effective , non-invasive methods to restore youth and prevent aging. It is a tremendously satisfying procedure to do as a practitioner, as it produces dramatic results, with essentially a no down-time procedure. However, an effective Botox treatment is really a combination of art and science on the part of the practitioner. I customize my Botox treatments for each patient differently, as no single method fits all facial types. There are a lot of elements that need to be taken into account, such as the client’s existing eyebrow shape, facial structure, dimension, and length of forehead.

In my experience of treating thousands of patients, I’ve developed specific techniques that result in a natural, aesthetically pleasing result. Unfortunately, many practitioners still treat all clients with one method, and this can result in an artificial and unnatural aesthetic look. During my consultations, clients first see before and after pictures and videos of patients from a variety of facial types and ages whom I have personally treated, and so the client knows exactly what outcome to expect after their treatment. After a proper Botox treatment, your friends and colleagues should not be able to immediately discover that you’ve had Botox, but they should notice something more refreshed, relaxed, and attractive about you. That is the hallmark of an aesthetically pleasing treatment.