Dr. Amir Rouzati

RejuvaMD Physician Botox Training

Botox and Dermal Fillers Course Certification

Dr. Rouzati’s Botox Training Course has several unique characteristics that attract physicians from  both the United States and Canada that  choose to come to Toronto  as opposed to taking courses in their local areas:

Round Trip Air Fare for all physician from USA to Toronto is covered in tuition ($4950 plus applicable taxes)

All the theory, anatomy, and injection techniques of Botox and Filler training are covered in on-line teaching videos prior to the course so that the entire 2 day course in hands-on (in contrast to courses that may spend a large amount of time of the course in lectures and didactic teaching)

Small Group sizes – To maximize Hand on Training we take pride in keeping the group sizes limited to only 4 trainees at a time and provide each trainee with excellent patient models to inject over a full 2 days allowing you to build confidence through repeat practice

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From USA?

Round Trip Airfare to Toronto included in Tuition!

Program Benefits

  • 2-Day hands on training with patient models
  • Online video tutorials
  • Exclusive training with Dr. Rouzati in a small group setting
  • Earn your certification in medical aesthetics injectables
  • Learn injection methods from a leading expert with over 1o years of experience in botox and fillers

Topics Covered

  • Cosmetic Botox injection anatomy and dosing for upper and lower face
  • Medical Botox injections for hyperhidrosis and migraine treatment
  • Dermal fillers for volumizing and lifting the skin
  • Complications prevention and safe management of complications
  • Pearls of wisdom for optimal business success in the anti-aging industry

Who Should Enroll

This certification course is perfect for physicians who:

  • Want to add valuable skills their medical practice
  • Are from a wide variety of disciplines such as: family practice, internal medicine, ER, Surgery etc.
  • Understand the need to keep pace in the fast growing anti-aging industry
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Program Information

Tuition: $4,950 (Plus applicable tax)
Instructor: Dr. Amir Rouzati

Dr Rouzati has been passionately involved in the antiaging industry since  2006.  During his own early years in this field, he recognized that there was a need for high quality , hand on botox and fillers training.  He found that the market place had many large format,  seminar style courses,  that often ended up simply presenting the very basics of this field mostly in a didactic format and not providing enough opportunity for hand-on injection practice.

The RejuvaMD Botox Training and Fillers Training Course has been designed to provide excellence in teaching , combining pre course video teaching tutorials with live hands-on injecting of patients models over 2 days.  The course also emphasizes the concept of repetition , recognizing that , you must have repetitive opportunity to do a procedure, in order to develop confidence in it.

The course tuition is $4950 (plus applicable taxes) and for USA based physicians , includes round trip air fare to Toronto!

The tuition includes on line access to the pre course  Video tutorials as well as 2 days of live hands on teaching. The course dates are conveniently held over Saturdays and Sundays, contact us for course dates scheduled in 2017. 

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