Virtual Training – Medical Aesthetics


Now you can learn all the Clinical Theory and Dosing of Botox and Fillers training through our training portal.



Botox and Medical Aesthetics online virtual training. 

Bonus: A 1-Hour live Group virtual training and Q and A with Dr. Amir Rouzati

After your training, if you decide to continue training, you can apply the total cost of this course to the hands-on Botox Master Course. (Tuition $2,950)

Learn all the theoretical aspects of Botox and fillers:

  • Cosmetic Botox Dosing and Treatment
  • Botox storage and Reconstitution
  • Botox for Male Patients
  • Botox For Jaw Slimming
  • Botox for Treatment of Excessive Sweating
  • Botox for Upper lip Perioral
  • Clinical Cases Botox Treatment and Follow up
  • Dermal Fillers Basics
  • Dermal Fillers complications and management
  • Dermal Filler Cases and Injection techniques
  • Lip Augmentation with Fillers




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