Severe sweating can be a major issue for some sufferers. It can lead to awkward and embarrassing situations, cause a loss in self-confidence, and many sufferers may avoid certain social situations for the fear of sweating profusely. Even buying new clothes can become a worry, for the fear of the sweat causing permanent damage to shirts.

Botox injections, which are typically considered a cosmetic procedure, can be used to prevent sweating. The neurotoxin prevents the sweat from forming in the areas that injections are given, providing a safe and reliable means of controlling even the most difficult bouts of sweating. Below are five signs that you should consider trying Botox for sweating:

1. You Change Clothes Multiple Times over the Course of the Day

Most people that do not suffer from profuse sweating can last a full day without having to change their outfit. If you find that you regularly have to change clothes because the signs of sweating have become extremely visible, then this is a sign that you consider Botox for sweating. If you change your clothes two or more times a day, then you could be a prime candidate for this treatment.

2. You Carry Special Items to Help Combat the Signs of Sweating

If you carry a change of top, or you carry multiple antiperspirants and other products around with you in order to mask your sweating, or to try and prevent sweating, then this can be a sign that it is getting on top of you and controlling your life. Botox enables you to control your sweating, and not the other way around.

3. You Have Been Prescribed Medication or Products to Help Combat Sweating

If you have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, or your physician has told you that you suffer from profuse sweating, then they may also have been prescribed a special antiperspirant. They may even have prescribed medication. Even if these work, it can mean a change to your daily schedule, and it may still mean that your sweating is taking over your daily life. Using Botox for sweating allows relief, without the worry of taking regular medicine or using special antiperspirant.

4. You Constantly Worry About Sweating In Social Situations

Many people suffer from embarrassing moments with tell-tale signs of sweating, but if these occur frequently, it can turn you off from taking part in certain social activities. If you won’t raise your arms, won’t take part in any sports or events, or find yourself changing your social patterns in order to minimise or negate the threat of sweating, then it may be time to consider Botox injections to help combat the problem.

5. Antiperspirants Don’t Work

Antiperspirants are designed to prevent perspiration, but even those that are prescribed by physicians may not provide good enough results for all sufferers. If you find that antiperspirants and other problems are not yielding the results that you want, then you should try something different in order to achieve different, and better results.

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