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RejuvaMD in Toronto helps patients achieve fuller, darker, thicker eyelashes with Latisse – a prescription topical solution that restores lashes and helps create a youthful, radiant look by extending the growth phase of your lashes.

With daily use, users will notice their eyelashes becoming significantly longer, darker and fuller than ever before. In most cases, users begin noticing results within four weeks of use. However, full results will appear around week 16. According to clinical trials, Latisse helped users achieve lashes that were up to 18% darker, 25% longer and 106% thicker than before using Latisse. The staff at RejuvaMD will walk you through the process of applying Latisse and give you tips to ensure the most dramatic results possible.

Although it is a safe and effective treatment, there are a few common misconceptions about the product. One of the most persistent myths is that Latisse causes a brown pigment on green or blue eye colours. Before it was marketed as an eyelash treatment, the active ingredient in Latisse was used to treat glaucoma. It was applied directly into the eye, causing eye color changes for some patients. However, Latisse is only applied to the lashline and at a much lower dose, so this side effect is not seen – but it is always best to consult with Dr. Rouzati to make sure this product is right for you.

To get longer, thicker lashes with Latisse, come in to RejuvaMD in Toronto today! Have some unanswered questions about Latisse? Call us at (905)707-6080!