Get Plump, Kissable Lips

Lips, just like the eyes and nose, have a dramatic effect on our overall appearance. The structure and volume of the lips can make us look either youthful and vibrant or dull and aged. Some of us are born with fuller lips that can lose volume as we age. This is where fillers come in.

Lip fillers offer your lips more volume and contour the shape of the lips, giving them an aesthetic appeal. Your overall appearance is instantly enhanced and you feel extra confident. Whether you are replenishing lost volume or adding new volume, your lips will look luscious and natural – not fake.

Although people are not aware of it, full lips are automatically associated with youth and fertility. Although you may have had fuller lips in the past, estrogen levels decrease with aging and so does the fullness of your lips. Lip fillers instantly make your lips look fuller, younger, and more appealing. It is a very simple and quick procedure – filler is injected into the lips by a well-trained doctor who is dedicated to getting you the best results.

Enjoy fuller lips and a boost of confidence – book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rouzati today.